TempID product manual


Reusable sensor

Soft, flexible sensor to measure and save health data. Reusable for home users, disposable for hospitals. Waterproof, sealed, no charging, reusable up to 1 year.

Swipe readable

With mobile application You can analyze, collect or send Your data to doctor and use it as treatment diary. TempID can be used as patient identifier tag.

Effective treatment

TempID reduces the resource to collect health data and treatment cost, increases the effectiveness of the health data monitoring and rise treatment diagnosis accuracy.

TempID Smart Patch Manual

TempID Smart Patch is disposable and reusable body temperature logger. Temperature data is “swipe readable” with mobile device over NFC connectivity (Android and iOS). Activation of the device, fetching the measurements and analytics are done using the smartphone.

  1. Package contents

    1. pcs of TempID sensor
    2. 5 pcs of double sided medical stickers
    3. Manual
  2. Preparations

      • Make sure you have an Android or iPhone smartphone with NFC capability. NFC availability can be checked from smartphone settings.
      • Download the TempID application from Google Play or Apple App Store

    Google Play
    Google Play

    App Store
    App Store
      • Install the application.
  3.  Usage

    1. Take the double sided medical sticker provided in the package. At first usage, the sensor is already pre-equipped with sticker to simplify initial setup. To place the new sticker, remove the sticker from base that has blue “TEMPID” texts by peeling it from the non-sticky tab and place it on the flat surface of TempID sensor. Do not cover the metal tab of sensor.

    2. Remove the cover of the double sided medical sticker with blue text “SKIN”.
    3. Place the sensor onto the skin close to the armpit.
    4. Open TempID app on the smartphone. You should be able to see the following opening screen:

Android users
Android users

iPhone users
iPhone users
  • Activate the sensor to start recording temperature readings. 
    • Android users – touch the sensor with the back side of the smartphone.
    • iPhone users – Click “Scan” in the middle of the circle and touch the sensor with the back side of the smartphone.
  • Logging of temperature measurements is now started. Measurements will be taken every 2 minutes.
  • Scan the sensor again after a few minutes to see the measurements. It will take around 5 minutes for the sensor to adjust to body temperature. By clicking on “Chart” it is possible to see history and trends of temperature measurements.
  • You can personalize the experience by selecting a photo and a name that will be uniquely linked to the sensor.

  • Notes:
    • Temperature will be logged constantly for 24 hours since the latest reading with a smartphone. In case delay from last reading is longer than 24 hours, the logging is stopped and will start again with next reading.
    • Every sensor has unique ID. Therefore it is possible to give a separate name and photo for every single sensor.
    • “Help” will guide your through the initial setup and placement. “Setting” 
  • Device specification

    1. Model: TID-001
    2. Measurement interval:     2 minutes
    3. Measurement range: -40°C to +80°C
    4. Accuracy: ±0,1°C
    5. Resolution: 0,1°C
    6. Power supply: 3V Coin cell battery
    7. Battery life: up to 2 years
    8. Connectivity: NFC/RFID ISO 14443 type A interface, 13,56 MHz
    9. Reading distance: 0 to 20 mm
    10. Dimensions: ⌀36 mm, height 7 mm
    11. IP Class: IP65
    12. Materials in contact with skin: medical thermoplastic (TPE), food grade stainless steel, 3M medical double sided sticker
  • Troubleshooting

    • TempID application not found in Google Play or App Store:
      • NFC is not available for your smartphone. Use another model with NFC instead.
    • Measured temperature is too low:
      • Verify that the sensor has proper connection with skin. Adjust the sticker and contact with the skin.
      • Place the sensor close to the armpit. Readings from arms and legs are not showing valid results.
    • Application is working but is not getting the readings from sensor:
      • Reading the measurements need to be taken closer than 20 millimeters. Place the smartphone closer to the sensor. Location of NFC readers at most smartphones are shown in following picture:

      • Taking the readings can take a few seconds. Wait for readings to be completed.
      • Restart the application.
  • Contact

    • Company: TempID OÜ, Reg. code 14253555
    • Address: Artelli 19, 10621, Tallinn, Estonia
    • Email: tempid@tempid.ee
    • Webpage: https://tempid.ee/